“thinking beyond”

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Light is like the ocean.

“It is composed of waves differing only in size, frequency and energy contained. Our eyes sense only a narrow range of wavelengths, just as an ocean traveler notices only the waves that make his ship rise and fall.”

-James Clerk Maxwell, 1861




We work with light as a medium for the creation of experiential environments.  Having designed award-winning lighting solutions for hospitality, retail, gaming, entertainment and education, we also work with industry to develop products and strategies to serve those markets.

Our driving force is “thinking beyond” the obvious approach, answers or direction.  Our role is to bring new ideas to the table, bridge the communication gap and support the creative vision for the project.  Through the power of design and thoughtful application we lead design efforts to develop experiences, products and marketing initiatives to entertain, inform and enhance our world.  Call or email us to find out how we can assist you in completely new ways.


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